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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Run Forrest, Run

Some of you have been asking about my newest "Distance Widget" on my Blog page.  Basically I STOLE the idea from a fellow Blogger friend of mine that keeps bragging <wink wink> how her ass is magically disappearing because she has become a runner.

So, I have decided to try this "running" concept that people keep talking about.  This concept is very foreign to me because I have NEVER been a cardio person.  Ever.  Like a dumbass,  for the past 15+ years instead of hitting the gym or putting on a pair of running shoes, I opted for lighting up a ciggy instead. Brilliant, I know.

Now that I have been 21+ weeks SMOKE FREE, I decided I am ready to step up my health to another level.  Ironically, I have gained the most weight in the last 21 weeks.  Coincidence? I think not.  Or, it may be one of my MANY excuses of why I've gained weight (that's for another blog, another day).

As for the Distance Widget, I figured this was my best bet to accountability.  I am not up to running yet, but mimicking those serious "Mall Walkers" that everyone makes fun of.  In about a week or so I will start adding in some running and keep increasing as I go.

Keep an eye on the Widget people and keep me accountable!!!!!


  1. I know you're not referring to me :) Dude, I love to smoke but I can't even occasionally anymore, the first run after a weekend smoke - so not worth it. Good luck, I predict you'll be a pro in no time.

  2. :-) Whaaaaa???????? I would NEVER talk about you!!! ;-)