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Thursday, December 30, 2010

We are Framily....

No, that was not a typo.  It is Framily.  You know, those friends that you love so much and you are so close to you wish you were related.

I was talking to a lifelong friend of mine today on the phone (yes people, there are other ways of communication besides Facebook. Shocking. I know). I swear our lives are almost IDENTICAL.  Every time we talk, I could swear she was talking about my life and replacing my name with hers. We rarely see each other in person and when we talk on the phone it is for HOURS. 

A sick and twisted part of me takes comfort in the fact that her life is just as fucked up as mine.  Her relationship with her family sucks ass just like mine.  She feels abandoned by her mother also.  She grieves like I do over such losses.

We talk about everything.  We bitch about everything.  I can tell her anything and feel one ounce of judgment coming across the line.  When I talk, she listens. I mean really listens.  She isn't pre-occupied in Facebooking or the t.v.  Her attention is on me and when she talks I reciprocate.

It's rare when you find those cherished few that just get you.  There's no explanation needed. No apologizing for it coming out the wrong way. True, unconditional love.  That's Framily.

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