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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The meaning behind the name.....

So, you may be thinking where in the hell did I come up with my blog title, or better yet, what is behind the title? Let me tell you.... I have spent all freaking day trying to come up with something catchy.  I have so many friends that have catchy blog names like:
or get the point. (By the way, friends, do not get your undies in a bunch if I didn't mention your blog.  I'm sure it will come up in future posts.)

Anywho..... so after much debate (with myself) this is what I came up with.  I wanted something meaningful about my life. Something that sums up who I am. My great life's lesson.  THIS is what I came up with. Never Stand Downwind From a Bum.  A lesson I learned many years ago on my first trip to San Francisco waiting to catch the trolley back to the BART.

My blog name kind of sums it all up.  Don't do it. It stinks. It's unpleasant and for the rest of your life you will never forget it.   Your best bet is to hold your breath and wait for the winds to change before you pass out.  It is kind of like my life.  Most of the time it's like standing downwind from a bum.  It can really stink.  But sometimes, the wind changes its direction and I can finally breathe.

I hope you get as much enjoyment as I continue my blog writings, as I do self therapy. I am also hoping to save THOUSANDS of  dollars from going to a therapist just to be told what I already know: Life just stinks sometimes.  Hold your breathe and wait. The smell will dissipate eventually.

R. Hilltop


  1. Oh, this is going to be TOO much fun!!!

  2. Good for you honey! You always have had a way with writing things.... :D

  3. Lol! I can't wait to read more!

  4. Great post, and great thoughts!