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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Does This Make My Butt Look Big?

Ugh! I really stress about going out.  Like REALLY stress.  I have become so self-conscious in the past year due to a massive weight gain. I have tons of clothes in my closet, but it seems I keep out growing them.  OK, I know I not morbidly obese and far from it, but I certainly am not one of those skinny, Mary Kate looking little bitches that can put away whole pizza in one sitting and crap it out or puke it up an hour later petite.

I have gone through my entire closet trying to find an outfit to wear to the New Years Eve party, to no avail.  In fact, it is quite a dramatic scene for me when trying to find a pair of jeans that do not make me feel like my innards are being squeezed out of my nostrils. It gets so dramatic, that often times I resemble that kid from the video that freaks out about his mom canceling his W.O.W account.

Yep, that's me, only female. And chubbier.  Don't judge. I have issues. Oh, and I still can't find anything to wear.


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  2. Sorry.... tried to reply but accidentally deleted.

  3. I feel your pain. I also have a closet full of clothes I can not wear. Everything you think will fit doesnt.:(

  4. Wanna have a little scale war? Betcha my fat would kick your fat's ass... On a related note, I never agree to go to parties where I am expected to look more like an adult with responsibilities and less like a Slovakian house maid.

  5. I'm game Miss Runner!! I went from a nice size 4-6 and 130lbs to a crappy size 12-13 and 170 lbs. I could try to find a Burlesque outfit.... weren't they pretty curvy back then? ;-)